Arthritic sufferers find a doorway to serenity 



While arthritis affects around 3.85 million Australians each year * ( it is often not diagnosed or treated as we attribute the pain to recent physical exertion or eventually expect it to simply go away.  


It won’t, but diagnosis can reduce the risk of further joint damage as well as improving one’s comfort and quality of life.  This is because, once diagnosed, the treatment possibilities are endless.  An array of pain medications, herbal remedies, and acupuncture are all tried and endorsed methods for easing arthritic pain.  


A warm bath, perhaps with the addition of a herbal remedy or an aromatic oil of one’s own choosing can be a very positive physical and mental activity for those with joint and muscular aches.  However the fear of injury or discomfort when getting in and out, or while using a bath may deter some from daily or weekly bathing experience.  The Safe Bath ‘Serenity Bath’ with a door and contoured back support eliminates such concerns.


“The Serenity bath has right hand and left hand door options, as well as 3 corner skirt, an option provided for those who may be replacing an existing bathtub with one of ours,” says Safe Bath Australian Managing Director Adam Deeby.  “The Corner Skirt finishes off the rough area left by the removal of a regular sized bathtub”.  


“Utilising a Serene multipurpose bath in your home substantially minimises the chance of injury or ill-comfort you can experience during entrance into and exit from a bathtub.  There are few circumstances in which the individual has a degree over control in provoking arthritic pain.  Damage to joint tissues from undue stress, injury or pressure can be avoided through the ease of access and safety features build into the Serene”. 


It is so often the smallest motion of watering a garden, reaching for a blanket on a high shelf, or leaning into a bathtub that can trigger a tender arthritic joint to inflame and cause considerable pain.  Serene STD-153 and DEL-153’s door access eliminate the possibility of slipping or twinging altogether as you do not have to step over the side to get in or out.  


People’s problems and needs are vast, as well as arthritic conditions susceptible to varying over time so the Serene was designed with the notion of fitting all possible features and uses into the one product for which the user can choose to use as frequently as they desire, or not at all.  Components such as a mobile shower head are a critical part of the versatility and practicality Safe Bath ensures are fitted into each model they develop.


While other medical and alternative treatments for joint pain involve transport and visitation to specialists, as well as significant fees in many cases, installing a Serene bath in your home enables quick and immediate non-medicinal pain relief.  Moreover, it is far less strenuous than pressure water exercise classes may place on the body. 


Safe Bath Australia is sole distributor of Serene STD-153 and DEL-153 and other Safety Bath products in the Asia Pacific region and has been trading for the last six years.  The company’s distribution network currently encompasses all of Australia, and New Zealand.  


All Safety bath products meet the highest Australian standards as stipulated under quality scheme certification number N 24261and plumbing meets required Australian Standards. 




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