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Wide door allows to

Slide in from your wheel chair to bath

  Outer dimension 153mm L x 91.4mm W x 101.6mm H   60”L x 36” w x 40”H


The APOLLO STD-150 will be of particular benefit to Nursing and Care homes. Of course, the Apollo will also benefit individuals in their own homes to gain an element of independence. As most people are aware, all walk-in baths require the bather to step in and out of the bath and this can still be difficult for some - especially those in wheel chairs. This new model can be used independently by anyone who has even modest upper body strength. If a carer is needed to help the bather, then very little effort is required. 




• Easy, Safe, Accessible and Comfortable

• Great for people who prefer to slide transfer onto the seat rather than having to step into the tub.

• Replaces and Fits Into the Space of a Standard Existing Bathtub

• Height of Seat is 21” From the Ground for Easy Accessibility

• Right or Left Mounted Doors – Outward Opening Door Specifically

• Designed For Those Needing Maximum Accessibility

• Door is 37.5” Wide (Suggested: Allow 40” for Full Door Swing)

• Easy Lever Handle

• A 7.5" Aluminum Safety Grab Bar Mounted on Interior of Bathtub

• Quick Draining System

• Stainless Steel Leveling Legs Adjust up to 2" Per Leg

• Standard 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty on the Tub

• Comes in White 

.Built in non-slip surface on the floor and seat

• Made of marine-grade gel-coat fibreglass

• Seat and back are moulded to allow maximum support & comfort

• Sides provide comfortable arm support

• Hand held shower included

• All plumbing fixtures are supplied. Unit is pre-plumbed

• Unique design allows you to sit in chest level water if so desired

• Water Pump is 240v AC 1 hp

• Air pump  1hp

• Heated pump 1500 w

• 16 Air jet. 6 Water jet

• All pipes for whirlpool drain when tub is drained - improves sanitation

Note: Please check your hallways, doorways and any other space limitations you may have when considering the purchase of a walk in tub. Make sure you can get the tub into the area it is going and that it will fit in its designated space. It is best to confer with the contractor doing the remodel to make sure the unit you pick will work for your situation. Make sure the tub inside dimensions are adequate for the user of the tub.                                                                                             



apollo 1


The APOLLO  DEL-1500 is a built in tub with a low wider door and higher chair to enable easy entry and exit from wheel chair with or without a transfer device.



• Convenient door eliminates barrier.

• Familiar profile, easy to clean.

• A caregiver's delight; no lifting.

• All component parts are stainless steel.

• Installs like a standard bathtub.

• Features a left or right hand drain .

• Easy door operation.

• Very wide door



• Award winning design (ASA 1992).

• Will fit in same space as standard bathtub.

• Slip resistant floor.

• Prolongs independence, restores dignity.

• Compliments the decor of all bathrooms.

• With normal care, will last a lifetime.

• Five year warranty on bathtub & door.

A better bathtub for all seasons of life.



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