In order to provide a high level of customer satisfaction for each job, please follow the guidelines:

1. Reporting When first arriving at a job introduce yourself and state your business. At Nursing homes, Hospitals, request to see the Director of Nursing, Maintenance person, or nominated contact person. (eg: “Good morning. I am john and I am here for MOBILITY AID to repair bathtub”). Give a business card to the contact person so they have a phone number for any queries. 

2. Sign In Comply with any entry procedures at Nursing Home, Hospital, etc. You may be required to sign in and out of a visitor’s book, or sign health and safety documents. You may be required to provide photographic I.D. at some facilities. A Certificate of Currency of insurances may be asked for at some facilities. As an on-site contractor you are required to comply with all Emergency Procedures that the facility has in place. 

3. Check documents Offer a business card to the contact person/client and explain any document requirement. (eg: ”I will need your signature at the completion of the job”.) You will always need to have with you a clipboard with relevant documents AND A PEN. Relevant documents will include a MOBILITY AID Job sheet. This outlines the customer problem and the work to be carried out. 

4. Personal appearance Always have a neat and tidy personal appearance (cleanly shaven, hair done, etc) smoking on the job. (Don’t forget you are often the first contact between MOBILITY AID and our clients). 

5. Identify equipment Positively identify the equipment requiring repair or maintenance check by serial number, barcode or other identifier. If you are unsure ask the contact person at the facility. 

6. Wear safety gear When necessary wear appropriate personal safety equipment (eg, safety glasses) all times and follow normal safe work procedures. No penetrations of walls, floors etc can be carried out without the specific approval of the facility contact person. 

7. Good housekeeping Keep the area you are working in safe and tidy at all time. Warn those around you about any hazards such as welding, power leads, dust, noise, wet paint, or fume, clean up after the job, take any rubbish with you, and leave the area in original condition or better. 

8. Accidents or damage If you have an accident, cause injury to anyone or damage to the property or environment, please advise the contact person at the facility immediately and then advise MOBILITY AID by telephone as soon as possible, preferably before any further work is carried out. 

9. Time efficiency It is friendly to chat to anyone if they wish to talk to you while the job is in progress. Remember that you time is being charged to the customer so if you talk to the customer keep working at the same time. 

10. Resident privacy Nursing Homes and similar facilities are regarded as the home of the residents a due respect for privacy and access must be given to residents at all times. Pleas restrict yourself to areas of the facility where you are working. 

11. Keep client informed Keep the contact person informed of any special actions such as having to return equipment to the MOBILITY AID Service Centre for repair or having to order a replacement part. Waiting on spare parts may mean the equipment is temporarily of action. 

12 Instruct client If applicable, show the client how any new or replacement equipment work together with any cautions. (eg, “this is how you turn this type of tap off but do not turn it off too tightly or you will damage the washer”). 

13. Client queries Invite the client to contact you or MOBILITY AID if there are any problems. (your phone number is on your business card). Finally At MOBILITY AID we know that our subcontractors will perform work to high standard and in a tradesman like manner. We value your assistance and hope that through good organization and good customer service we can grow your business as well ours. If you are unsure about anything please contact us. Thanks and best wishes