Outside Measurements: 1700mmL X 800mmW X 620mmH (Shower Screen

                                                        1378mmH X 771mmW)


               GRAND  DEL - 1700


The Grand walk-in bath, with contoured back support, was created to provide you a traditional reclined bathing experience, while removing the difficulties associated with having to step up, over and into the bath. The easy-entry door eliminates this awkward process and ensures safe transfer. As well, the Grand walk-in bath offers ample space for stand-up showering. With available lengths is 1700 mm replacing your existing bath is easy. The Grand walk-in bath is really a dual purpose bath as it provides full stand up showering for one user and full lie down bathing for another. 

Once inside the Grand  walk-in bath, you simply lower yourself to the base of the tub and begin bathing. 


Outside Measurements: 1700mmL X 800mmW X 620mmH (Shower Screen 1378mmH X 771mmW)


•Easy entry and exit. 

•Complete shower screen. 

•Palm pad door system 


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Australia Nationwide Service

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Let us help you enjoy safety and independence 

GRAND Walk-In Bathtub Features:

1.Can be installed in any convenient location in the home. 

2.Approximate installation time is 4-6 hours. 

3.Built in non-slip surface on the floor and seat. 

4.Made of marine-grade gel-coat fiberglass. 

5.Seat and back are molded to allow maximum support and comfort. 

6.Sides provide comfortable arm support. 

7.Hand held shower included. 

8.PLUMBING fixtures are supplied. Unit is pre-plumbed. 

9.Uses less water than a regular bathtub. 

10.Adjustable scald guard taps for maximum temperature setting to prevent burns, and for even temperatures when other water outlets are being used. 

11.Unique design allows you to sit in chest level water, if so desired. 

12.Will pass through any 30 inch door opening- 28 inch with jam removed. 

13.Pumps are 240 v AC 

14.All pipes for whirlpool drain when tub is drained - improves sanitation